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Why Chicago Custom Coffee?

Great People - Great ServiceExpresso Shoppe - Roaster

No matter how large or small your company, great business relationships are built by doing business with great people.

We're here to make sure your coffee project is a success. We'll listen to your objectives, offer suggestions and reccomendations, and deliver your custom coffee they way you want, when you want, where you want.

Give us a call  to discuss your needs.

Top-Quality Source Coffees

Chicago Custom Coffee buys, roasts, and packages only Specialty Grade Class 1 coffee beans. These beans are selected from the top 5% of all coffee harvested worldwide. We've been in the coffee business a long time and have multiple sources from which to source top-quality coffees from around the world.

Since we roast and package on demand basis, we consistently deliver exceptionally fresh coffee. Our packaging keeps the dangers to coffee (heat, light, and air) away from the coffee beans, maximizing their shelf life and ensuring the coffee's flavor and aroma are well-preserved. Compare the powerful aroma of your custom coffee to that of a commerical coffee – you'll find our coffee smells better in the bag and in the cup – every time!

Expresso Shoppe - Upright Packing

Lots of Packaging Choices

We operate several in-house "form and fill" packaging systems and offer a wide variety of pre-manufactured coffee packages, including bags, cans and jars.

Whether you want coffee for wholesale, foodservice, OCS, retail or gift baskets, we can help.

Expert Blending Services

Your goal is to deliver a consistent product - to meet your customers' expectations every time. Your coffee should taste like your coffee, every time.

Because coffee, like oranges, grapes and peaches, is a real fruit, where it comes from matters - a lot. The climate and soil of the region in which it was grown matter, the weather during the growing season matters, and the variety matters - many regions grow altogether different varieties of coffee. Florida oranges are different than those of Brazil. Coffees  from Brazil and Guatemala are different. There are many coffee growing regions, and many, many varieties of coffee.

So, coffee roasters, like vintners (wine guys) and orange juice producers, blend to create specific and repeatable taste profiles. Blending lets us highlight the flavors we like and adjust to accommodate the availability and flavor of specific coffees from season to season.

Blending is more art than science, and an experienced roaster can help you create coffee with a unique flavor – the best of all coffees. Your Custom Coffee.

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